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Website Features:
  • Introduces a new renewable energy technology to previously untapped markets.
  • Uses a consistent visual style to convey confidence, sustainability, and transformation.
  • Requires very low bandwidth in anticipation of high-volume access.
  • Presents complex issues concisely to invite further exploration.
  • Establishes a framework for customer interaction that supports custom-engineered solutions.
Additional Services:
  • Created the logo, color scheme, and other distinctive elements of the project's visual identity.
  • Articulated a marketing strategy accepted by both the project's managerial and technical teams.
  • Set up a secure, internal website to coordinate development from multiple locations.
  • Designed letterhead, demo invitations, signage, and display ad layouts.
  • Represented the project at several venture capital and technology conferences.
  • Created 3D artist conceptions of two biomass gasification systems under development.
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