The Grove
Dickson-Cato Homes


Website Features:
  • Extends existing identity elements in a clean, precise design that conveys reliability.
  • Touts Scott Dickson's ground-breaking certifications and leadership among local home-builders.
  • Connects lots of well-organized pages with multiple links for easy navigation.
  • Documents superlative customer relations with enthusiastic testimonials.
  • Provides extensive links to project planning resources.
Additional Services:
  • Converted the logo to vector format for better precision and scalability.
  • Created and edited most of the website's copy, graphics, and photography.
  • Conducted and recorded in-person and telephone interviews for customer testimonials.
  • Delivered a consistently-styled 110" x 91" sign for use as an exposition booth backdrop.
  • Delivered a consistently-styled 5" x 1.8125" ad for use in a real estate agency's relocation guide.
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