The Grove
Angelis Arts


Website Features:
  • Elegant design hailed by customers as "clean", "fresh", and "professional, yet balanced with warmth".
  • "I love how my portrait reflects the tone of my web site."
  • Expandable menu anticipates additional pages.
  • Integrates Paypal into a two-step online ordering process.
  • Introduces an esoteric art, explains its benefits, quotes satisfied customers, and facilitates purchase -- all in two bandwidth-optimized pages.
Additional Services:
  • Established "woodcut" theme for all graphical communications to link ancient and modern.
  • Designed themed business card.
  • Designed themed label for audio CDs.
  • Designed themed background for astrological charts.
  • Depicted product in an ideal setting without photography.
  • Registered domain name and arranged web hosting.
  • Edit and produce all readings as audio CDs.
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